My Pregnancy Diary: Pregnancy Week by Week from 8 weeks on

This post is really just a place to organize all of my pregnancy diary posts in one place, so if you're a regular reader, you've probably already seen them: if not, here you go:

Choicest One

I'm such a sucker for advertising: just ordered a set of these 😂

Pregnancy Diary, Week 8: What to expect in week 8 of pregnancy

The first of the weekly pregnancy diaries I started writing at week 8; there'll be a few of these over the next few days until I'm all caught up!

The Truth About Blogging for Money - has blogging changed

The Truth About Blogging for Money:

Great Expectations ⋆ Forever Amber

I'm a little bit nervous about publishing this post today, because it feels a little bit like tempting fate (even although I don't actually believe in fate...), but here goes...

Timeline Photos

Hi everyone! Latest post is here, featuring a few more of the totally normal things you can probably do, but I can't:

ORE Apparel