On The Outlander Trail | Lallybroch – a.k.a Midhope Castle

You might not know it, but the Internet is divided into two types of people: those who looked at the first photo in this post and went, "OMG, LALLYBROCH FROM OUTLANDER!" and those who simply looked at it and thought, "Wait: didn't she show us this outfit already? Is she just wearing the same thing every damn day now? [ 1,124 more word ]

Beside the Seaside

Last week I had another entry for Max's diary of "firsts"- his first trip to the seaside! Well, OK, it was technically his SECOND trip to the seaside: he was with us when we went to South Queensferry a couple of weeks ago too, but he managed to sleep right through the coastal part of that particular outing, so when we arrived at… [ 572 more words ]

Outfit: The red polka dot skirt of dreams

This skirt is a bit of a departure for me. I mean, not in the sense that it's, a) RED and b) covered in polka dots, obviously. Those two elements are very much not a departure for me when it comes to skirts, let's not kid ourselves. This skirt is also, however, what I would term a true midi - i.e. [ 304 more words ]

The Importance of Documenting Memories

A few weeks before Max was born, I set up an Instagram account in his name. It's a private account, which I mostly created for our benefit - and his - than anyone else's, and the idea behind it was to take a photo of him every single of his young life, so that one day he'll be able to look back on it and think, "Wow, my mum was a bit cray-cray, wasn't she?" Er, I mean, he'll be able to look back on it and see all of those little details of his life that would otherwise be forgotten. [ 1,735 more word ]

Why I Don’t Describe Myself as a “Modest” Dresser

Quick disclaimer: this post is basically just a less eloquent version of one that Gemma of Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra wrote a couple of years ago - you can read it here. I agreed with that post wholeheartedly when I first read it, and I found myself thinking about it again this week, when I opened up the Instagram app on my phone, and discovered that one of my outfit photos had been regrammed by the account of a religious group aiming to promote the concept of "modest" dressing. [ 892 more words ]

REVIEW | A cordless Vacuum Cleaner With an Unlimited Run Time

One of the first things we did when we moved into our current house was to rush out and buy a vacuum cleaner. One of the NEXT things we did when we moved into our current house was to sell that vacuum cleaner on Gumtree, and rush out and buy a cordless one, instead. See, we hasn't really needed a vacuum cleaner in our previous home. [ 1,088 more word ]

Parenting | A Note to the Naysayers

I call them the 'Just You Wait' Brigade. "Just you wait!' they crowed delightedly when I announced my pregnancy last year. "You'll never sleep again! Your house will be a MESS! Your hair will fall out and your feet will be huge, and did we mention how you'll never sleep? Because you'll never sleep again! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!" [ 1,349 more word ]

Postpartum Hair Loss and How I’m Dealing With It

(This post is sponsored by Paul Mitchell) Well folks, the postpartum hair loss has officially started. Hey, isn't pregnancy just TONS o'fun? So, to be totally honest, the hair loss started a few weeks ago: the only reason you haven't heard me whining incessantly about it yet is because, so far, it hasn't actually been quite as bad as I'd anticipated. [ 1,632 more word ]

An Outfit for £23

So, fellow UK residents - what about that bank holiday weekend, huh? It was amazing. Definitely the sunniest bank holiday in MY living memory, so, to celebrate, I decided to spend Bank Holiday Sunday in the public bathroom at Hopetoun House. Yay! And, I mean, OK, yeah, we DID visit the rest of the house - OK, the grounds. [ 740 more words ]

My New Mum Capsule Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I realised I'd inadvertently adopted a capsule wardrobe. I guess it was inevitable, really, I've already talked a bit about how motherhood has changed my style by making it more casual, and the fact is, I kind of like it. I mean, sure, I might complain about how I don't have time to plan outfits any more, or an excuse to wear some of the "fancier" pieces in my closet, but when you have a capsule wardrobe you don't NEED much time to plan outfits, and honestly? [ 755 more words ]

Miffy Starts a Revolution

You know Miffy - the lovable bunny, whose adventures have charmed children the world over? (Or I assume so, anyway - I mean, it's not like I keep track of these things or anything...) I was a big fan of Miffy when I was a little girl, and, when I was pregnant with Max, my parents gave me a set of the books, which I've been reading to him. [ 508 more words ]

How I Keep My House (Relatively) Tidy With a New Baby

This post is a collaboration with Brabantia. I have to start this post off with a caveat: by my old (read: pre-baby), neat-freak standards, my house is not particularly clean right now. I mean, you'd look at it, and you'd probably think it looked OK - ish - but if you looked closer, you'd quickly realise your mistake, and would probably feel like you should start fundraising to help me pay for a cleaner or something. [ 1,419 more word ]

One year ago today…

... I found out I was pregnant with this little guy: It came as absolutely no surprise at all. In fact, I was so sure the pregnancy test would be positive that morning that I'd prepared everything in advance. The house was clean (Well, as clean as a house can be when you're in the middle of a kitchen/livingroom/hall renovation… [ 2,833 more words ]

Lunch at The Stables Kitchen, Hopetoun House

When Terry and I headed to Hopetoun House, in South Queensferry, last week, we WERE just intending to take some photos for a blog campaign I was working on at the time. No we were, really, I swear! But then, of course, The Stables Kitchen pulled us in - which shouldn't really have come as a surprise really, because, well, [ 509 more words ]

My Current Skincare Regime With Vivo Per Lei

Pregnancy was pretty kind to my skin, all things considered. I mean, don't get me wrong: I didn't get that fabled pregnancy "glow" everyone talks about - or, if I did, it was just the cold sweat of fear - but, at the same time, I didn't get any of the hormonal breakouts or other pregnancy-related skin issues I'd heard people talking about, so I think I got off pretty lightly, really. [ 1,459 more word ]

Max at 4 Months

Today, as of 11:51am, Max will have been with us for four whole months. Four months, people. A third of a year. An entire season. Er, can someone please tell me who I need to speak to about having time slowed down a bit, because seriously, that hackneyed old phrase about how the days are long but the years are short? [ 1,682 more word ]

OUTFIT | All About the Shoes

Today's post is a collaboration with House of Fraser, who've been helping me find my style again after having Max: see it here: http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/all-about-the-shoes

OUTFIT | All About the Shoes

Last week I gave you 4 easy ways to elevate any outfit (Er, place don't hate me for using the word "elevate" here, like the basic blogger I am...), and this week I'd like to add two more: 01. Red shoes In my last post on this subject, I talked about how high heels have the magical ability to make any outfit look that little bit more special, but you know what's even better than high heels? [ 467 more words ]


4 more things that helped me survive the newborn stage

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my newborn essentials, listing everything from bed and bath, to, er, beyond. Hey, someone should name a store that! Today, then, I proudly present four of the slightly-less-obvious things that helped us through those first few weeks: so, not essentials, per se, but just a few things we only realised we needed once Max was here and we were stumbling around in the dark - both literally and figuratively. [ 887 more words ]


Why I Actually DO ‘Fear the Smear’ – But Have One Anyway

This post is about smear tests. Specifically, it's about MY smear tests. Because of that, it probably contains a little bit TMI for some of you. Like my dad, for instance. Or my male friends and relatives. And anyone else who knows me in real life, and who is hereby given permission to never speak to me of this again. Ahem. [ 2,265 more words ]


4 things I don’t do on the internet (and why my life is better for it)

Over the past few months, I've gotten myself a new little hobby, which I call 'Comparing Myself to People on the Internet'. As hobbies go, it's not really a great one, to be honest. I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, I hesitate to even mention it, because, seriously, I absolutely HATE it when other people write blog posts complaining about how people on Instagram are making them feel bad. [ 1,531 more word ]


I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed So You Don’t Have To

Since I published my post on microblading, I’ve had quite a few people ask for the details of my amazing beauty therapist, so here you go: Microblading by Nikki is the page, and I can’t recommend her enough ❤️ http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/microblading-before-and-after

How to Look Like You’ve Made an Effort With Your Appearance When You’re Secretly Covered in Spit-Up

OK, this is another one of those posts I have approximately 5 minutes to write before the baby wakes up - and, funnily enough, that's roughly how long I have to get dressed in the mornings these days*, so here are four things I use to make myself look like I've made an effort, even although there's probably a giant patch of spit-up on my shoulder that I won't find until five hours later. [ 614 more words ]


6 Things I wasn’t prepared for when I became a parent

I've only just started writing it, but I already know this post is destined to be written in bursts of maybe 20 minutes at a time, over a period of many days. I may or may not have time to proofread it, and I'll almost definitely have to illustrate it with a crappy iPhone photo that was really only meant for Instagram, but which is having to suffice for now, because, seriously, who has time to take photos just for a blog post? [ 2,335 more words ]


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